Friday, March 6, 2009

What to tell Taxpayers whose refund deposit is less than expected?

A Taxpayer came back with the signed 8879 showing a refund of $4324 and his direct deposit on bank statement showing $4024.

What to do? When we looked up the IRS accept acknowledgements, it showed acceptance of the full amount, and the difference $300 looked suspiciously like it might be due to the Recovery Rebate.

We do know that error 269 initially was due to the recovery rebate computed within the tax return by TaxWise being different from what the IRS thought it should be, so thought it may be something else.

Taxpayer could not think what else the problem might be due to.

One way to resolve this with minimum effort is......... (believe me, it is really simple)

Please post your ideas on how you would handle this situation....

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