Friday, March 6, 2009

Dealing with replacement laptops for TaxWise Desktop

When we get a replacement TaxWise Desktop it comes loaded with several pieces of software, including Adobe 8.xx, TaxWise 2007, and Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer 6.xx

To use it for preparing 2008 returns, the minimum required istallation is TaxWise 2008
together with the latest updates for federal and states and help files.

However, to simplify life with a systematic preparation process for the long run, we found the following to be a reasonable set of things to do:

  1. Connect laptop by a network cable to a LAN or other network with internet access
  2. Go to Microsoft Windows update and get the latest updates and patches. If you get errors, read the error message carefully and enable and restart the needed services as recommended, and then let it run. This will take a while, because it will download Service Pack 3 (which is big) and you better have a high speed conection, and then run through and install it.
  3. If you are used to Internet Explorer 7.xx, go ahead and upgrade that too.
  4. Install Abode 9.0 from the TaxWise installation disk. You might as well do it now rather than go through the error message telling you to do it later.
  5. Install TaxWise from the TaxWise CD
  6. Download the latest updates for federal, state, TaxWise help, and 1040 help
  7. Start TaxWise and go through the installation process.
  8. Optionally remove TaxWise 2007. While this is not required or necessary, we have found doing so avoids problems of volunteers accidentally starting a return on TaxWise 2007, wondering why it looks different, and subsequently learning that they used the wrong version of TaxWise. If you subsequently need TaxWise 2007, it can be installed from the TaxWise program disk.

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