Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How does UTS report indicate that the IRS has acce...

Recently, the Site Coordinator received a phone call from the IRS Relationship Manager indicating that UTS reports had indicated 77 returns had been accepted from our site.

The reports generated on our TaxWise Desktop Transmitting computer indicated 76 accepted.

So how can we determine exactly how many reports were accepted, and reconcile the difference? The answer is that it is almost impossible to do so, unless you have a suspicion because of other reasons that point to the additional accepted returns.

The SPEC Relationship manager, even with the suspect TIN could not obtain information about the return status. Customer support at TaxWise stated that the return had been accepted, and then "re-hanged" the return a couple of times to update the TaxWise database on outtransmitting computer. Did not work. The acknowledgement summary return showed the return was rejected, but provided no details. The Taxwise online tool to check return status provided no clarification either, and in fact stated it was broken for this return.

Thanks to the help and guidance of a fellow Site Coordinator we figured out the return status to our satisfaction. Telling the taxpayer that the return was accepted when the confirmation report says rejected because Customer Support said so did not seem very professional.

It turns out there is a very simple way to verify the accept/reject status of a return that did not require all the inconvenience we went through. That will be left as a discussion/comment point for the reader.

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